Welcome to my website and blog, KB Nutrition & Wellness. I am so glad you are here! My name is Karen Booth, and I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. 

Having spent most of my adult life (AND tween/teenage years) on and off calorie-restricted diets, I KNOW how to diet and lose weight. I also know how it is to feel like a failure, until I learned to accept that the diets were failing ME.

I became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist because I wanted to change my eating habits, lose weight, and become an example for others. Yet as my knowledge base grew, so did my waist line. Over time, my weight went up and down like a yo-yo, with the largest amount of weight having been lost equating to just over 100 pounds. Throughout the highs and lows, it always felt like I was battling my own body. No matter what I did, my body would eventually fight back, and the weight would creep back up. It wasn’t until I forgave myself and accepted my body that I began to find PEACE. I began to adopt healthier BEHAVIORS and ROUTINES, while the expectations I placed on myself became less rigid and demanding.

Improving health takes a lifetime commitment. There are no quick fixes. But the journey CAN be fun! I believe that improved health and better quality of life can be achieved at any shape or size, and all foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle. 

As a practitioner, I have a special interest in mindfulness-based stress reduction and plant-based eating. In my spare time, I practice Pilates and meditation, and enjoy hiking the trails with my two dogs, Penelope and Monroe.

Karen Booth in kitchen
Karen with dogs and inspirational quote
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